Our sites in Switzerland

In Switzerland, we have four locations in the canton of Lucerne. Alongside our state-of-the-art research and development center in Schachen, our offices are located in the city of Lucerne and in Kriens.

Lucerne, Werftestrasse (Citybay)

The Swiss subsidiary MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG is based in the "Citybay" office complex in Lucerne's city center. This location near to the train station, Lake Lucerne and the KKL Culture and Congress Center is home to 200 employees. They work in various areas of the distribution organization, including oncology, hospital care, primary care, women's health and vaccines as well as other fields such as clinical research, regulatory affairs, market access or medical affairs.

MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG
Werftestrasse 4
CH-6005 Lucerne

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Kriens (Lucerne)

The Kriens Ring Center building in the Lucerne metropolitan area is the headquarters of the regional marketing departments for emerging markets in Europe & Canada (EUCAN) as well as Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EEMEA), making this one of MSD's most important locations. The employees here make essential contributions to MSD's international business around the world. This location provides support for more than 70 subsidiaries in the European region, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, India and China. IT associates in the area of European & emerging markets also work here, as well as associates in the area of European oncology.

MSD International GmbH
Ringstrasse 27
CH-6010 Kriens

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Lucerne, Weystrasse

The Weystrasse building near the picturesque Lucerne city center is headquarters to the local and regional departments of the MSD Animal Health Organization in Switzerland. Alongside medicinal products and vaccines for animals, the company also offers seminars on current topics for veterinarians, doctor's assistants and Swiss animal health market experts. Employees with various global and regional positions also work at the Weystrasse location. These include employees in supply chain management EMEA/APAC, regional external manufacturing, regional medical affairs, the European Finance Hub and support.

MSD Animal Health GmbH
Weystrasse 20
CH-6006 Lucerne

MSD International GmbH
Weystrasse 20
CH-6006 Lucerne

Schachen (Lucerne canton)

Our location in Schachen plays a key role in the provision of new innovative medicines. Around 330 employees from 15 nations work here developing and analyzing new biotechnological active ingredients, testing new medicines, doing stability studies and supplying medicines for worldwide clinical trials during the development phase. Our activities match MSD's research focus areas and also include therapeutic areas in which MSD already distributes products. In addition, MSD operates one of its worldwide three forensic laboratories here in Schachen (the other two in West Point and Singapore) investigating suspected drug counterfeiting cases of MSD products. We also provide state-of-the-art packaging for clinical trial materials and for global distribution of MSD pharmaceutical products. Since 1977 we have been training apprentices in Schachen and regularly provide them with employment positions once they have completed their apprenticeships.

Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH
Industrie Nord 1
CH-6105 Schachen (Lucerne)

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MSD has opened a new location in Zurich focused on accelerating research, data and commercialization of our medicines and vaccines. The new office will be staffed by teams working in strategic and operational roles in medical affairs, clinical development, access and marketing operations functions.

MSD Zurich Hub
Badenerstrasse 47
CH-8004 Zürich

By the time the new site is completed and opens in 2021, over 250 MSD employees will work at THE CIRCLE, Zurich Airport.

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