We aim to translate breakthrough science into innovative oncology medicines

Our company has a long history of bringing forward innovative medicines in oncology. We are focusing on immunotherapy, which aims to activate the body's own immune system to fight the tumor. Our relentless commitment to research and development has enabled us to establish an exceptionally broad research program with more than 1000 studies. Switzerland is part of this program, currently conducting 32 clinical trials in 11 different tumor types (as of: 05/2021). Today, our portfolio includes oncology medicines that treat different cancers and conditions related to cancer treatment.

„MSD is a world leader in oncology. Visionary research and collaborative action have already led to breakthroughs for the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer and we're committed to driving further innovation to help change the future of this disease.”

Will Wooding, Oncology Business Unit Director, Switzerland

Our Focus

Research and Development

Switzerland is one of more than fifty countries in which MSD conducts clinical research. The growing Swiss oncology clinical trial program is coordinated at our site in the Citybay building in Lucerne.

Also our site in Schachen in the canton of Lucerne plays an important role in providing new innovative medicines. Around 330 employees from currently 15 nations work here to

  • develop and analyze new biotechnological active ingredients
  • test new drugs
  • conduct stability studies and supply drugs for worldwide clinical trials during development.

Access to Care

Improving access to cancer care is our strategic priority. We are working with the entire cancer community to help patients gain access to the oncology medicines that they need and to expand the provision of quality cancer care.

In our office at the Citybay building in Lucerne, the Swiss Oncology team is

  • collaborating with authorities and institutions to ensure access to our medicines
  • working on solutions how to continuously improve the support of healthcare professionals and patients in the treatment of cancer
  • interacting with Oncologists, Scientific leaders and patient organizations to gain insight into market and customer needs.


MSD Switzerland has engaged in collaborative efforts to raise the awareness of cancer and improve its prevention, including

  • the creation of a platform for discussions on lung cancer policies
  • the setup of a think tank to address the challenges of a fast-changing landscape in the immuno-oncology field.

We participate in several initiatives to support patients with cancer. These include:

  • a website for disease management
  • campaigns to educate the public about early signs and detection
  • a partnership to improve sustainable cancer care all-can.org.

Immuno-oncology has the potential to change the way cancer is treated

Our understanding of cancer is always growing. Recently, scientists uncovered new uses for biomarkers.

About Cancer

  • More than 18 million new cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide in 2018, about 9.6 million people died from it.
  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally.
  • Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer and is responsible for approximately 22% of cancer deaths.

The ongoing clinical study program in Switzerland includes 32 studies in various cancers (as of: 05/2021).

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