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EFZ Laboratory technician (chemistry and biology)

Apprenticeship duration

3 years

Training location

Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH, Industrie Nord 1, 6105 Schachen LU


  • Secondary school A or B with good grades in math
  • Interesse am Experimentieren
  • Interest in experimentation
  • Good observational skills
  • Clean and precise working methods
  • Perseverance and patience
  • Strong reliability
  • Interest in operating electrical devices and complex equipment
  • Capacity for teamwork

Application documents

Application letter (statement of motivation)

  • Why am I applying to work at Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH?
  • Why do I want to learn this particular profession?
  • Why should I be accepted for this apprenticeship?


  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of school reports from the previous and current school years
  • "Schnupperlehre" (job trial course) reports

Open apprenticeship

Currently no apprenticeship vacancies.


Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH
Pia Lustenberger
Industrie Nord 1
6105 Schachen

CH-NON-00581, 10/2021