MSD supports national skin cancer campaign

MSD supports national skin cancer campaign

Lucerne, 2 May 2018 - This year's National Skin Cancer Day will take place on 15 May. As part of the National Skin Cancer Campaign, it aims to raise public awareness of the importance of early detection of skin cancer. In addition, many dermatologists in Switzerland offer free initial examinations of conspicuous moles on certain days in May. MSD is committed to educating and preventing skin cancer worldwide and to providing the best possible treatment for affected patients. On May 15, MSD supports an event for patients and their families at the University Hospital Zurich.

According to figures from the Cancer League, around 2700 people in Switzerland contract melanoma (black skin cancer) every year.1 This is about 7% of all cancers.1 Melanoma is the fifth most common type of cancer.1 Black skin cancer can also occur in younger people: 24% of people suffering from melanoma are younger than 50 at the time of diagnosis.1 If a melanoma is detected and removed early, there is usually a good chance of recovery.2 In advanced melanoma, the prognosis is unfavorable for affected patients. In Switzerland, around 320 people die of the disease every year. 3

Free initial examination of conspicuous moles as part of the campaign
Experts agree: "Early detection of skin cancer is central and can save lives".4 For this reason, the Swiss Society for Dermatology and Venerology (SGDV) once again calls on its members to participate in the national skin cancer campaign.4 Participating dermatologists agree to examine conspicuous moles of interested people free of charge on certain days in May. The SGDV publishes on its Website.

MSD is committed to the fight against cancer
With more than 650 clinical studies across a wide variety of cancers and treatment settings, MSD operates the most comprehensive research program in the world for immuno-oncology.5 MSD has made an important contribution to improving the treatment options for melanoma patients in recent years. In Switzerland, MSD works with various partners to advance innovative solutions in cancer treatment. One example is the expert think tank Immuno-oncology, the results of which have been published.6 As part of the National Skin Cancer Campaign, MSD is supporting an event for patients and their families at the University Hospital Zurich on May 15, 2018, at which experts from the Dermatological Clinic and the Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery will provide information on skin cancer prevention (especially sun protection) and the latest treatments for skin cancer.
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More information about melanoma and how you can prevent a disease can be found here: Infocenter.


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