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Sunday, February 4th is World Cancer Day. It is intended to sensitize millions of people worldwide and draw attention to the prevention, research and treatment of cancer. World Cancer Day calls for prioritizing access to diagnostics and treatment, thereby supporting the global goal of reducing the number of premature deaths from cancer by 25% by 2025. MSD has deep rooted commitment to help reduce the global burden of cancer and is proud to be an official sponsor of World Cancer Day (WCD) for the 2nd year.

Great strides made, but more work is needed.
Great progress has been made in cancer care in the past few years. Fewer people die of cancer than ever before, and in some cancers, survival has doubled. This is thanks to advances in prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment. However, the unmet medical need for new approaches to improve and extend the lives of people with cancer remains high.

Global cancer burden will rise
The incidence of cancer is expected to rise by almost 70 percent over the next two decades. By 2030, cancer cases diagnosed annually may rise to more than 20 million worldwide, which is likely to have a negative impact on the economy.

MSD's commitment and leadership
MSD has deep rooted commitment to help reduce the global burden of cancer and is proud to be an official sponsor of World Cancer Day (WCD) for the 2nd year. With a focus on immuno-oncology, MSD has one of the largest and fastest growing clinical research programs4 worldwide. Our Company is a leader in the fight against vaccine preventable diseases, e.g. in fight to eliminate cervical and other HPV-related cancers5. In Switzerland, MSD therapy options are available to patients with various cancers5. The ongoing clinical study program in the field of immuno-oncology includes studies in 10 different cancers in Switzerland (Nov. 2017).6

About World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day is held annually on 4 February and aims to raise public awareness of the prevention, research and treatment of cancer. It was established in 2006 by the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (UICC), the World Health Organization and other organizations. 2018 is the world's motto," We can - I can..." (... ask for advice!) It stands for the fact that humans can contribute by a healthy lifestyle to prevent many types of cancer.


About MSD

MSD is a leading global biopharmaceutical company which has been engaged in life science research for more than a century, developing drugs and vaccines for the most challenging diseases worldwide. MSD is a registered trademark of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA. With our prescription drugs, vaccines, biological therapies, and veterinary products, we offer innovative health solutions in over 140 countries. With wide-ranging programs and partnerships, we are also committed to achieving improved access to healthcare. Today MSD is still at the forefront of research for the prevention and treatment of diseases which threaten people and society around the world, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, new animal diseases, Alzheimer’s, and infectious diseases, including HIV and Ebola. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter.

MSD Human Medicine Switzerland

Switzerland is a key location for the company, which has 600 employees working there in national and international functions. The Human Medicine division in Switzerland is responsible for the distribution of prescription drugs and biopharmaceuticals in the areas of oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases (including anti-fungal, antibiotic resistance, HIV/Aids, and hepatitis C), immunology, women’s health as well as vaccines for children, young people, and adults.

MSD is active in clinical research in Switzerland, where the company provides medicines for clinical trials worldwide. Additionally, MSD is committed to raising health literacy and promoting the healthcare economy on a local level. The firm is also active in Lucerne, where the MSD headquarters are located, In 2017 the company received certification as a “Top Employer” in Switzerland for the fifth year in succession, as well as the “Top Employer Europe” award for the second time.

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