In order to comprehensively address health issues, we seek collaborative partnerships with healthcare decision-makers. We work together to develop innovative solutions that contribute to improving patients' health in Switzerland.

Our initiatives and projects

Improvement in health literacy

MSD has been committed to improving health literacy for decades, both locally and globally. In Switzerland, MSD joined forces with the Careum Foundation, FMH, Health Promotion Switzerland and Public Health Switzerland in 2010 to create the "Allianz Gesundheitskompetenz" (Health Literacy Alliance). The alliance is a networking platform for stakeholders from the areas of health, science and politics, promoting the issue at the strategic level, supporting the implementation of initiatives and awarding a regular prize for innovative implementation projects.

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allianz q – quality before cost in healthcare

allianz q is an interest group of stakeholders in the area of healthcare. Functioning like a think tank, allianz q brings together experts from a wide range of healthcare fields. The shared principles and mode of cooperation are defined in the mission statement, which the group revised in 2013. MSD is a member and has been supporting allianz q since the beginning.

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Raising awareness for back pain and rheumatic diseases is part of an informational campaign organized by the Swiss Bechterew's Disease Association. In addition to simple exercises for alleviating back pain, the website offers information on ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew's disease) and a diagnostic test. is the first online platform with exercise videos for counteracting the rheumatic disease ankylosing spondylitis. MSD has worked closely with the Swiss Bechterew's Disease Association for many years and has supported the development of both online platforms.

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Expert think tank for immuno-oncology

Nationale Strategie gegen Krebs (NSK) and MSD initiated an expert think tank including nine members in the areas of research, medical oncology, oncological care, primary care providers/networks, health insurers, family representatives, the Swiss Cancer League and the industrial sector. They met at three roundtable forums to generate recommendations, which they then summarized and published in the report "Immunonkologie – Chancen und Herausforderungen für die Versorgungsqualität" (Immuno-Oncology – Opportunities and Challenges for Care Quality")

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Patient app for treatment monitoring

iBDialog monthly was developed for patients in Switzerland by leading gastroenterologists at IBDnet and the patient organization SMCCV in close cooperation with MSD. The project pursued a common goal: to develop a practical patient app that allows patients and gastroenterologists to easily monitor treatments for chronic infectious intestinal disorders.

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Patient app for documenting disease activity and treatment adherence

The jointly developed patient app provides rheumatologists and patients with an easy-to-use, modern platform for documenting disease activity and treatment adherence between check-ups. This data helps the attending physician work with the patient to evaluate the course of the disease more accurately and to design the treatment more effectively. The app was developed by MSD in close cooperation with the SCQM Foundation from 2016 to late 2018 and was then continued by SCQM as ‘mySCQM.’ The collected data aid research in areas such as optimizing medicinal treatment for rheumatic inflammatory diseases.

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Swiss Congress for Health Economics and Health Sciences

Experts from a wide range of fields have been meeting since 2004 at the annual Swiss Congress for Health Economics and Health Science to debate and discuss the future of the Swiss healthcare system. MSD initiated this Congress and has supported it from the outset.

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Principal partner of the symposium "Trendtage Gesundheit Luzern" ("Lucerne Health Trend Days")

Every year in March, more than 600 decision-makers and influencers in the areas of medicine, science, economics and politics meet to discuss trends and perspectives in the Swiss healthcare system at the Trendtage Gesundheit at KKL Lucerne. As a Lucerne-based biopharmaceutical company, MSD has supported this leading national industry event for many years and has been a principal partner since 2013. MSD is a member of the advisory board and gives input on identifying annual trends and defining the symposium content.

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We take responsibility

Learn more about our global corporate responsibility approach and our social engagement in Switzerland.

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Transparency is one of the cornerstones of MSD's corporate reputation. We support the efforts of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to increase transparency in the pharmaceutical industry.