MSD Switzerland awarded with the Swiss LGBTI Label

On June 16th 2021, MSD was awarded the with the Swiss LGBTI Label, a certification awarded to companies and organizations with an open and inclusive culture. This certification is intended to help promote the inclusion of LGBTI people at the workplace and beyond.


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LGBTI flag and logo

The Swiss LGBTI-Label is a seal of quality for organizations based in Switzerland, or Swiss organizations that work for the internal equality of LGBTI persons. LGBTI means persons who differ from the majority of the population in their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Diversity and Inclusion

At MSD Switzerland we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce inspires innovation and is fundamental to our company’s success. While there has been great progress when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, there is still work to be done — and we’re proud to play a role in achieving those goals. MSD has a longstanding tradition of supporting the LGBTQ+ community, in our company and beyond. Having an environment comprised of people from different dimensions of diversity also helps us better understand the unique needs of the customers, health care providers and patients we serve, including those with different abilities.

The Swiss LGBTI label executive board said:

“We congratulate MSD for receiving our Swiss LGBTI label. The label recognizes the exceptional work done by MSD to foster equality and inclusion of LGBTI People in the workplace. MSD went successfully through a very comprehensive assessment of the inclusiveness of its organizational practices. We applaud the very positive journey engaged by MSD, its contribution to societal positive change and its impact beyond its industry.”

Swiss LGBTI Label Logo

Until today, 18 companies and institutions were certified by the label, all based in German-speaking Switzerland. The Swiss LGBTI Label was developed by the business networks Network (Gay Leadership) and Wybernet (Gay Professional Women), with the help of the non-profit umbrella associations Transgender Network Switzerland, Pink Cross, LOS – Lesbenorganisation Schweiz and Regenbogenfamilien.

CH-NON-01248, 07/2021