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Local responsibility

For us, responsibility at MSD means not only providing life-saving medications and vaccines but also making a contribution to the community and environment in which we live.

Long-term partnerships and the support of local projects are essential parts of our commitment.

Apprenticeship at MSD


Since 1977, we have been committed to promoting young talent in the region. We offer young people the opportunity to complete apprenticeships for Swiss federal certification as a chemistry or biology laboratory technician (EFZ, Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis).


MSD employees at the Race for Life 2023

Cycling for a good cause

Since 2022, MSD has been an event partner of the “Race for Life,” a bicycle marathon benefiting those affected by cancer and promoting cancer care in Switzerland.

This year, 138 MSD employees cycled for the good cause, while another 32 colleagues completed the solidarity walk or volunteered on site.

MSD Madame Frigo

Together against food waste

With more than 120 public refrigerators, Madame Frigo offers the Swiss public a practical and easy opportunity for action to reduce their own food waste.

MSD has supported the non-profit association Madame Frigo since 2023 and primarily supports the operation of two public refrigerators (Frigos) in the city of Lucerne.

Promoting collaboration and innovation

Kickstart has made it its job to develop an innovation ecosystem that brings together rapidly growing start-ups, companies, cities, foundations and universities, thereby promoting collaboration and innovation.

As a partner, MSD supports the goals of Kickstart.

Corporate Volunteering

As part of MSD’s Corporate Volunteering Program, we give our employees time for social commitment. They can use up to 40 of their working hours every year to do volunteer activities that support non-profit organizations: voluntarily and during working hours.

Corporate Volunteering Activities

Clean-up-days in Luzern and Zurich

With the collaboration of IGSU (Interessengemeinschaft für eine saubere Umwelt) more than 50 MSD employees rolled up their sleeves to help clean the cities of Lucerne and Zürich. Over 68 kg of waste were collected.

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Serving our local community through engagement with the Lions Zentralschweiz

Angela Weber, Director Business Unit Hospital Acute Care, dedicates her paid volunteer time as well as a fair share of her personal time to the Lions Zentralschweiz, a non-profit organization that promotes the principles of good governance & good citizenship. She will lead the Lions Club Zentralschweiz and organize volunteering activities that serve the local community.

Aid to refugees at the Ukrainian border

In spring 2022, Monika Kobialko (Stakeholder Manager Immunology) volunteered at the Polish-Ukrainian border to give emergency aid to Ukrainian refugees. Supporting the logistics center in Chelm, she led a team of 20 volunteers and acted as an interpreter for foreign drivers and volunteers. In addition, she took care of the transportation of elderly people without language skills.

MSD Fellowship for Global Health

The MSD Fellowship for Global Health is a three-month volunteer program that gives our employees a chance to apply their talents and expertise around the world. The employees chosen for this program are called Richard T. Clark (RTC) fellows in honor of our former CEO Dick Clark. The program matches our employees’ expertise with non-profit organizations all around the world in order to meaningfully and systematically improve healthcare for people in the greatest need.

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